Our objective as a training provider is to keep you updated with news and what is happening in the world of Tetris Training. We will provide an update each week.

For this week, please see feedback from a training course we provided in December 2019 with our senior training Martin who trained 7 Manual Handling Instructors at EP Barrus in Oxford:

What did you like about the course?

  • Particularly liked the way it was broken down into segments that made it easier to digest
  • Interactive & Informative
  • Interactive, responsive to changing needs & circumstances (dealing with disabilities in group – learning opportunities) Personal / Work-based examples to relate to
  • That we have had to get involved no just listening to a presentation
  • I enjoyed the content and the speed it was presented to us by the tutor. Kept us involved throughout the course.
  • Content and how it was put across
  • Very useful + Extensive, but also relaxed and without a classroom feel

What could be improved? 

  • Maybe more take-home handouts
  • Focus on delivery techniques
  • Nothing that comes to mind
  • N/A
  • Nothing immediately springs to mind
  • More handouts
  • Nothing

What was the best thing about training?

  • Very engaging, not critical, but able to point out where we could improve
  • Gaining knowledge and experience
  • Made a “boring subject” fun and highlighted the necessity for correct manual handling. lots of work to do with the workforce and confidence building
  • Being able to stand up in front of everyone and demonstrate, I didn’t think that I could do this in 2 days
  • I felt involved throughout the 2 days and have come away feeling positive about the way I can present the techniques I have learned.
  • Learning about different handling that will benefit the workforce
  • Practical training. Good to get hands-on.

Do you have any suggestions/feedback?

  • No
  • No
  • No
  • I really enjoyed the course and even though it was manual handling – it wasn’t boring at all.
  • No
  • No
  • Not based upon what I experienced, keep doing what you are doing!