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Lorraine Prangnell – Health, Safety & Compliance Manager – Bedales School.
“Manual handling training was rolled out to support staff (maintenance, domestic, catering, grounds and ICT) throughout the first half of 2016.
Accident statistics for the academic year 2016/2017 identified only 1 back injury during that time – a drop of 70% from the previous academic year.
This shows the power of providing staff with quality training that is relevant to their workplace – and not simply ‘how to move an empty cardboard box’!!
Camelia Longley, H&S/Admin. Edward Vinson Ltd/Plants Ltd
Working At Heights Train The Trainer 
Many thanks for the training; it was very good and at a relaxed pace. All my candidates enjoyed the training and are now confident to deliver training themselves.
If we need any more training I will be in touch.
Delegate Feedback – Charlotte – Manufacturing Company – Oxford 
The manual handling course was very informative. Trent made it very interesting, and taught us in a way that would allow us to improve our everyday manual handling technique rather than following a ‘textbook’ method. He gave us really interesting facts regarding the subject, and engaged the whole group in discussions. The practical session allowed us to assess each others technique and provide helpful feedback.
Delegate Feedback – Adam – Manufacturing Company – Oxford 
Friendly, relaxing and amusing delivery of the information. Training performed at a good speed so didn’t feel unnecessarily long at any stage. Overall an informative and enjoyable training session.
Delegate Feedback – Joe – Manufacturing Company – Oxford 
Manual Handling Training The training that Trent delivered to us was enthusiastic and engaging. He kept the course moving swiftly, whilst still highlighting all the important points. It seemed everyone walked away from the course with a new piece of information.

Andy Rotherham – Auditor –  Proskills Global 

During the visit I monitored the delivery of the course materials in the classroom and also observed Trent taking the delegates around to their various

workstations to demonstrate and advise on how to improve their Manual Handling methods and overall safety. Trent was asked a good deal of

questions on the practical aspects of Manual Handling in the work areas and fielded the answers and suggestions with good knowledge and

confidence. It was obvious to see that he had the interest of the delegates and presented the whole course in a very practical and work based

manner. The use of the actual workstations and practical advice is a very good USP for Tetris Training and the hallmark of a well-run and mature course.

Testimonial from a Contacts Manager At a London Council. 

Tetris Training won a tender to provide manual handling training to our waste collection operatives and train the trainer training to supervisors. I was delighted with the lead trainer, Trent Mohan, who delivered all the sessions over a period of two months to suit our need. He was pragmatic, knowledgeable and had a great understanding of the staff duties. While some were reluctant to attend ‘another’ training session, they all came away happy and engaged. Trent was also really flexible with minor delays and schedule changes to meet the demand of the operations, making him a real pleasure to work with. I would gladly recommend Tetris to others.

Testimonial From The Office Manager at a major manufacturing plant in the UK:

We have over 150 staff working at our Shrewbury site. We have contracted Tetris Training to provide manual handling training on two separate occasions to date. The first occasion was over multiple days & the second a single day.

In my experience Trent’s responses to requests, queries or comments is always prompt and courteous and he always gives full explanations without using jargon.

Trent is always punctual, polite and thorough and gets the most out of his participants by making the training as amusing as possible without losing focus on the seriousness of the subject matter. Trent has proved himself to be flexible, honest and timely in his dealings with us and on both occasions has made sure that he has delivered a satisfactory service before leaving us.

I consider this training provision to be value for money and we are considering employing Trent’s services again next year to provide Train The Trainer manual handling training.

Recent Attendee Feedback in 2018:

“I really enjoyed not being stuck in-front of powerpoint, with slide after slide of law. Getting out into my working area means I could show the trainer what I move and he gave me some really useful information, for example the way I currently twist when moving and telling me why this can cause me disc injuries.

“I enjoyed it as I found it helpful and interesting”

“Although this is the 5th lifting and handling course I have been on I learned more today than before!”

“Excellent course, useful practical training elements to put into practice in the workplace”

Testimonial from a Health and Safety Adviser at a University in Wales 

Dear Trent

Once again many thanks for delivering the two Manual Handling Train the Trainer courses for us.

We have received very good feedback from the staff who attended and they now feel confident on content and delivery of training to their own staff. It was great having the time to go to a few work locations to brain-storm ideas and get your perspective on how tasks could be improved and taught. You can always tell when a course has gone well, the watch wasn’t looked at once during the 2 days!

We wouldn’t hesitate in getting you back to deliver further sessions for us.

Testimonial from a Learning & Development Office at a Southern based Council 

“From start to finish Trent at Tetris training was tentative to our needs and requirements. He was able to create a bespoke course that was relevant to our varying service requirements and ran at times best suiting to staff. The course was relevant and contained a variety of engaging activities and videos.
The course also included time for us to plan a session for delivery and to practise it. A massive bonus to this course was receiving all of the resources to enable us to continue to deliver the sessions ourselves and to make it sustainable for our services.
Trent was extremely knowledgeable in the area and keen to share this with us, I would recommend Tetris Training to anyone looking for a course that can be adapted to their needs.

Testimonial from a SHEQ Manager who attended our 2 day working at heights (WaH) and manual handling train the trainer course: 

Hi Trent,
Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for the training.
It was a great two days and I am looking forward to implementing the new skills I have learnt.
I had to put the WaH skills into play yesterday, as I was asked to attend a site to do a specific RA on a hospital roof, where we have been asked to clean it and the guttering.
I will come back to you soon reference the further training /dvd for my teams.

Testimonial from a Learning & Development Manager at a UK state owned college 

“Tetris Training is our go to provider for our Manual handling training. They listened to our needs, and developed the training that fitted our requirement. I will highly recommend Tetris Training”

“Congratulations on a good audit,  Andy provided really good feedback”

Claire Cousins

Managing Director – Proskills Global 

Testimonial from a Health & Safety Manager at a Midlands Council

“”Many thanks for the training that you provided, all the guys were thoroughly impressed and found it really helpful and relatable! I think that they particularly liked not being stuck in a classroom!!”

Estates Bursar Feedback from a train the trainer course in 2016:

“Although I did not participate in the course I have two ex-military warrant officers who have previous teaching experience. They confirmed that the course was well presented, well-structured and very beneficial.

I have found Tetris Training to be responsive and professional in my dealings with them.

My staff are already using their knowledge to address issues across campus and most importantly offering solutions.

We are actually booking a further course later in the year to capture other staff who can become our ‘eyes’ on the ground.

I have no qualms in recommending them to you”

Archives Managers feedback from a direct workforce training session in 2016:

“That is very useful. Several of the staff have commented this morning on how much they enjoyed the sessions and that they learnt useful things suitable to their own work. One of my volunteers (from group 3) even brought me a box of chocolates as a thank you for asking her to take part as it had been so much fun. I would share the chocolates with you if I could but as that isn’t possible you will just have to make do with knowing that you did a very good job that was very much appreciated”

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