Manual Handling, Ladder Safety & Slips Trips & Falls Awareness

Tetris Training is able to provide on-site training on 3 of the biggest causes of workplace injury. This ½ day course (2.5 – 3 hours) allows us to teach your workforce in safer manual handling techniques, working safely with step ladders, leaning ladders and working at height aids and also giving your workforce the knowledge of minimising the risk of slips trips and falls within the workplace.

Tetris Training can deliver up to two sessions per day, with each session covering up to 12 members of staff. The total cost of this service is £395 + VAT and £1.50 + VAT per certificate. If you can fill both sessions this works out at £16.45 per attendee.

Manual Handling – 1 Hour – 1 hour 15 minutes

We start our 2.5-hour course with a 1 hour manual handling practical session. We will look at the areas your workforce are handling objects and giving them practical training and advise. We will make sure they are aware of the risks associated with Manual Handling to aim to reduce the chances of injury.

We will cover all aspects of manual handling (lifting, carrying, lowering, pushing, pulling and team handling) during this section of the training course.

Ladder Safety – 1 hour – 1 hour 15 minutes

The second part of the training will focus on working at heights. This practical session will make sure your workforce are safely working at heights. We will look at the ways in which they are already working at heights and giving practical and relevant guidance from The Work At Heights Regulations 2005.

We will cover the following in this session:

  • Positioning Of All Types Of Ladders
  • Safe Use Of All Types Of Ladders
  • Use Of Working At Heights PPE
  • The Main Points Of Safety when working at heights.
  • Key Facts for Working at Heights

Slips Trips & Falls Awareness – 30 minutes

The final part of the training is focusing on slips, trips and falls, which is normally the second biggest cause of workplace injury.

This will be a practical session walking around your site, looking for hazards, learning how to report them using your company procedures.

  • We will cover the following in the 30 minutes:
  • What is a near miss
  • Common consequences of not reporting hazard or dealing with yourself
  • Going over your companies reporting procurers
  • Going over the HSE Hazard Spotting Checklist


Course Outlines