Comprehensive approach to managing MSD risks in your business

Tetris Training has a pure passion to reduce your injury numbers by up to 70%. We work with clients across the UK, providing a wide range of training and consultancy options, which follows the most recent update (May 2018) from the HSE.

If you are looking for a provider to:

  • assess and prioritise your risks
  • provide advice on control measures and their cost effectiveness
  • identify, implement or tailor management systems to help you prevent, reduce or manage risks
  • provide or recommend an occupational health provider to advise on management of cases
  • advise you how to involve your employees and their representatives
  • suggest ways of monitoring and measuring performance
  • carry out risk assessments for you
  • train your employees to carry out risk assessments
  • advise how to involve workers or representatives
  • identify practical and effective control measures
  • design-out or reduce MSD risks
  • identify changes to how work is organised or to the workplace
  • carry out a cost-benefit analysis
  • involve workers and their representatives in designing and implementing any changes
  • identify suitable equipment
  • analysing working practices to fully appreciate the context and demands of the work
  • engaging management and involving workers and their representatives
  • providing tailored training which will help change attitudes and behaviours
  • making better use of equipment

Then look no further. With our track record proving we are a “hands on” company delivering the best in the industry in training and consultancy. See below two testimonials from our current clients.

“I joined this organisation after Tetris had already been procured to deliver approx. 150 employees’ (in groups of 6) one-hour sessions on specific manual handling issues tailored to our operation – waste and recycling collections, as well as train the trainer training for our four supervisors.
I was delighted with Trent, who delivered the training himself – I found him to be relaxed and personable, and an expert in his field. He was engaging with the staff, who often reluctant at the start of a session would all come away happy with their learning and Trent’s messages. Useful to me, he was also very flexible with start and finish times of the sessions which would have to be slightly delayed sometimes due to the unpredictability of operational finish times.
We also had another training company engaged at the time delivering some IT training for in cab tech with operatives, and by comparison they were a real pain –high superiority complexes and complete inflexibility with start and finish times, complaining to my MD if a 7 am session started late at 7:03 because an operative was late for whatever reason. By comparison Trent was fantastic, and able to coordinate well with my subordinates, keeping me in the loop as required.
Not overselling here, but Tetris did stand out as having a really good appreciation of our operational demands which others often do not, and was able to tailor the training accordingly and engage at all levels.
Dan Smyth | Operations Manager  

“Manual handling training was rolled out to support staff (maintenance, domestic, catering, grounds and ICT) throughout the first half of 2016.
Accident statistics for the academic year 2016/2017 identified only 1 back injury during that time – a drop of 70% from the previous academic year.
This shows the power of providing staff with quality training that is relevant to their workplace – and not simply ‘how to move an empty cardboard box’!!
Lorraine Prangnell DipNEBOSH, Grad IOSH
Health, Safety & Compliance Manager – Bedales School.

So you need a helping hand with your manual handling requirements? Tetris Training has extensive experience of delivering training in the employees working environments to deliver the most habit changing training in the industry.

If you need manual handling training, we provide a extensive range of training courses from a 1 hour full practical sessions to a 3 day manual handling train the trainer course.

If you are worried about the risks in your workplace, then we can come on-site from 1 – 5 days and complete a full site assessment. This includes interviews with employees, discussing roles with people with current injuries and gathering videos and evidence to allow us to provide you with a fully interactive risk assessment report. Its not just Microsoft Word with pages upon pages of medical jargon! It comes alive making it easy to report to your SMT (senior management team) to allow you to get the budget you need to change certain tasks.

If you need a relevant DVD that is filmed at your premises, we will film a 15 minute bespoke DVD that covers lifting, carrying, lowering, pushing, pulling and team handling. Filmed with the loads your workforce are handling on a daily basis, which once finished makes a great watch for your employees.

The Perfect Semi Squat

Our hard hitting training will help you keep legally compliant, but we do not make it feel like a tick box exercise.

Click here to visit our dedicated workforce training page.

Attendees from our 3 day course getting used to the MAC Tool

Helping you keep your training in-house either by refreshing or training new in-house instructors, Tetris Training is cost effective and best in its class.

Click here to visit our dedicated Train The Trainer page for further information. 

You know what happens next ......

Maybe its an increase of MSD’s in the workplace or maybe you feel that your risk assessments need an expert lift, well look no further!

With a dedicated page coming in June 2018 and a case study from our 5 day consultancy in May. We will keep you posted.

Not your normal DVD production

DVD Production that doesn’t cost the earth. Our dedicated page is coming in June 2018 but if you would like to make an enquiry then please contact