Fire Marshal Training – Up to 12 Marshals Trained for only £575

We make fire marshal training more practical and more relevant than most companies in the UK.

Fire marshals play a key role in managing fire risk at any business. Most courses focus on what to do in the event of a fire, which of course is important, but not many companies teach how to prevent fire.

At Tetris Training we pride ourselves on an inherently practical course that focuses on key preventative or protective measures like:

  • Protecting the company against arson
  • Assessing and checking fire doors
  • Managing Fire Exits and Testing
  • Completing simple fire audits
  • Managing higher risk areas like manufacturing areas or kitchens
  • How to check a fire extingusher before its inspection

We make sure the course that we deliver are bespoke to our clients and provide relevant company information during the course.

Our on-site course is delivered in 5 hours and can hold up to 12 marshals and is competitively priced at only £575 + VAT.


Save money against other well-known providers

Did you know you don’t need 12 delegates for this course to be cost competitive for you? Most well-known providers will charge an average of £140 per delegate for a public course, so if you have more than 4 delegates to train then our on-site course could save you £1,105 + VAT if you was fill the 12 spaces!


What did the delegates think of the course?

“I found Tetris Training’s course brilliant, this course is my 6 fire marshal course and I have to say I learnt so much, the testing fire door was the best part as I live in a block of flats and can also take this home and make sure I am safe as home as well”

“I found this course to be very informative, learning what the company requires me to do and having lots of practical on-site made me feel very comfortable becoming a fire marshal”

“Normally when having practical training with an extinguisher we are told to point at the fire and hope for the best, the trainer gave very simple step by step instructions on how to use the extinguisher that made me feel very confident, he also showed us how to check an extinguisher and key things to look out for that could make it fail before its next inspection”

“Tetris Training provided training at our company for 35 fire marshals, the training was bespoke to our needs and all delegates gave fantastic feedback. We are a multi-site organisation and will be using Tetris going forward for our other 6 sites”