Covid 19 – Training Courses

Covid 19 Training Courses from £395 + VAT

Tetris Training Ltd is pleased to announce its new portfolio of training courses being launched in Q2 2020. These courses are aimed towards helping companies understand how to follow government advice and for employees to understand ways to stay safe during work.

On-site courses are being launched from 1st June 2020 with flexible cancelation terms. Further information will be launched on WC 8th June 2020

If you would like to receive further information then please contact us via:

Phone 0800 6128 329



Our 1 Day Manager Course will give your supervisors/managers all the tools needed to manage the workplace.

The course will include:

  • What is the 2m rule
  • How to manage the 2m rule
  • How to manage the 2m rule when it’s not reasonably practicable
  • What effective PPE is avalaible
  • Correct handwashing procedures
  • Correct hygiene procedures (desks etc)
  • What happens if an employee has symptoms at work
  • How to spot symptoms
  • Keeping up to date records of employees
  • Who are vulnerable people and how should they be shielded
  • How to manage a 9-5 workforce
  • How to manage a 24-hour shift environment
  • Handling incoming email
  • Bespoke guidance for your industry

The course can hold up to 10 delegates (but we would recommend numbers to be as small as possible to help with social distancing)

The current price of this course is £495 + VAT including course notes, certification and any travel expenses)

To get further information please contact us on

Office 07525 233 829 (0800 number is currently closed)


In line with HSE and government guidance. You should be completing  COVID 19 risk assessments. These risk assessments can be completed by an external company like ourselves.

During our 1 day assessment, we will extensively look at your company and provide a compliant risk assessment. We will be looking at the following:

  • Hand Washing and stations available
  • Cleaning of surfaces
  • Allowing visitors on-site
  • Social Distancing and ways of maintaining
  • PPE and gloves
  • Working from home
  • Mental wellbeing of employees
  • Symptoms and how to deal with unwell employees
  • Plus much more.

The risk assessment will normally be completed in 1 day (2 days for companies with over 250 employees) and currently costs £495 + VAT for the day.

The risk assessment would be applied to current government guidance and will also look to see if the business is (COVID secure)

If you would like further information about this assessment then please contact our director on 07525 233 829